How to bet on UFC? Expert advice

Learn how to bet on the UFC and other MMA categories with Luckia: featured fighters, key points of the fight, etc. And improve your bets!

How do you bet on the UFC?

Mixed Martial Arts are contact sports in which participants can use techniques from different disciplines to knock down or immobilize the opponent. They are known by its acronym in English, MMA , and they are sports on the rise, especially for some of their better known championships such as the UFC.

UFC is the acronym for Ultimate Fighting Championship and it is here where some of the best known fighters such as Conor McGregor , Khabib Nurmagomedov or Stipe Miocic participate. It is an exciting sport and UFC betting is very interesting, but as with all sports betting, it is important to master it before putting our money at stake.

In the world of Mixed Martial Arts, the strongest does not always win , but it is about combats in which technical dexterity is essential. That is why it is very important to know this sport thoroughly if we want to become long-term winning players.

It is vital to know in depth how the UFC works. The fights take place in an octagon that is caged, so there is no possible escape; They are disputed to between three and five rounds and each one of them lasts five minutes; and it can be won in four different ways: submission, KO, technical KO, or judges’ decision (by points).

It is also important to know that there are nine different categories , according to the weight of the fighters:

  • Straw weight : maximum 52.3 kg.
  • Fly weight : maximum 56.7 kg.
  • Bantamweight : maximum 61.2 kg.
  • Featherweight : maximum 65.8 kg.
  • Light weight : maximum 70.3 kg.
  • Welterweight : maximum 77.1 kg.
  • Average weight : maximum 83.9 kg.
  • Light heavyweight : maximum 93 kg.
  • Heavy weight : maximum 120.2 kg.

What bets are in UFC

Tips for betting on UFC

If we want to get winning bets in the UFC we have to take into account some factors. The first thing is to analyze each fight in depth : it is not only about knowing the name of the fighters and their history, but to see what streak they have, how is their balance of victories and defeats against their enemy and against other rivals of the same style, etc.

It is also important to know the rules of each bookie , as they may vary from one to the other. For example, it is normal that if a fight ends at the break between two rounds, it is considered to have ended in the previous round, when counting bets.

Being a contact sport and, in addition, a lot of exchange of blows, it is possible that some fights end in surprise . This means that placing combined bets with many results is very dangerous, since the moment one of them loses we will have lost the bet completely.

It is also very interesting to be attentive to live bets as they can offer very interesting bets for the most expert fans.

Types of bets in UFC

When it comes to placing bets on Mixed Martial Arts you have to assess the different markets available. The more important the fight, the more markets the bookmakers will offer. These are the most interesting when it comes to getting winning bets.

Moneyline or match winner

It is the most traditional and classic market in the UFC. Choosing the winner of the fight and hitting it is all it takes to get a green tip on this type of bet.

Victory method

In this bet, it does not matter who is the winner of the fight, but how the victory occurs. It is about predicting whether the victory comes by submission, by KO, by technical KO or by points after the decision of the judges.

What to bet on the UFC

Duration of combat

It is the equivalent of the plus / minus of other sports, since it is a matter of determining whether the combat will go through a certain number of rounds or not. In 3-round fights the line is placed at 2.5 and you just have to guess whether the three rounds will be played or one of the fighters will finish off the opponent in the first two.

Total rounds

More experienced players can find this market a good way to find interesting odds . It is about guessing the exact number of rounds that will be played: if, for example, we are sure that the fight will be quick due to the difference in level between the protagonists, we can bet because there will be only one round.

Double market

If the fights are very important the bookies can open more markets. One of the most interesting is the one that allows you to choose the winner of the fight and the method of victory. By hitting the two markets, you get much higher odds than if you bet on those markets separately.